TdF, let’s not talk about it

I don’t want to talk spinning anymore! At least not today. To be honest, the intensity of keeping up the spinning has brought on a huge desire to knit instead. Marja gave me a skein of gorgeous handspun recently, and I liked the honey cowl I knit for her so much that I decided I’d better knit one for me too.

I started on Monday. Let me show you my obsession.


Marja had decided that the colors were me, and she’s so right. They are warm and earthy, and I love warm earthy tones. I do believe it is one of the reasons I just cannot stop knitting on this.

Will I spin today? Sure I will, but I don’t have to talk about it too much do I?

TdF, Up Early!

I knew I wouldn’t have a lot of time to spin today, so I got up an hour early this morning in order to get started on ounces 5 and 6 of the cabled yarn project. I am back to spinning singles, and it’s going quickly so far.


I also got a chance to block my beaded scarf last evening, so I had time to photograph it this morning. The pattern is Pipp’s openwork eyelet scarf. I added a 2 stitch garter border to each side, as well as a 4 row garter break in the pattern after every 4 pattern repeats. In interest of using all my handspun, I added fringe as well, mostly because not using handspun yarn with beads was unacceptable.

20140722-081314-29594463.jpg 20140722-081316-29596572.jpg

I love the bright colors, and I think it’s crazy pretty. I love the contrast with the cool blue/white colors and the warm pink/green. I can’t wait to wear it. And surprisingly enough, the beads show up quite well!

TdF Rest Day

Today is the second rest day, so I am going to do some rest day stuff.

First off, the cotton slubby yarn. After plying, I had to figure out what to do next! I’d vaguely remembered something about boiling cotton handspun, so I looked it up and it seemed quite common to boil the yarn with some washing soda. Since I often make my own laundry detergent, that was something I already had around the house, so I thought I’d give it a try.

I’d also read that boiling cotton yarn darkens it considerably. So, of course, this all seemed a grand adventure, and I threw some washing soda and the yarn in a pot on the stove. And promptly got to plying the cabled yarn and forgot about it.

Thankfully, I noticed an odd smell before it could become an issue. I checked it out and it looked a ton darker! Not bad, but darker. Well, I hung it outside to cool a bit, and then rinsed out the washing soda. And some of the darkness washed right out with the washing soda. I am not sure what that was all about, but it was good to know.

I ended up with 230 yards of 2 ply yarn.


It’s interesting to me, as it became less slubby after being boiled as well.

And, since we are on the subject of spinning, I’d set the goal that I would get the first 4 oz. of cabled yarn plied so I could move on to the next 4 oz. I did it! Took until 7 p.m. Sunday evening, but it got done.


I think this is going to make an absolutely stunning yarn.

And finally, it seems fitting to update you all on my knitting since it’s a rest day and that’s what I’ll be doing. I’ve been working, in all my little spare moments, just a row or two here and there, on my beaded scarf. I am close to being done now.


In all honesty, I am obsessed with this scarf. But, I am also obsessed with starting on my next project. Combine the two, and the knitting is going quickly!

What do you have planned for your rest day? I think I’ll try to finish a scarf!


TdF, keeping on

As I mentioned yesterday, my goal for this weekend is to finish plying the first 4 oz of the cable ply yarn. I finished the singles, and they looked fantastic.


The goal in plying for the cabled yarn is that you overply it in this particular step. Thus, it is slow going, as it takes about double the time it would for a regular two ply yarn.


I am also noticing that giving it that much twist is really squishing it down, so while the yarn is feeling mighty thin at the moment, I suspect it is going to open up quite a bit during the cable ply portion of the process.

I did finish my cotton yarn, and had to read up on how to finish it. It is hanging to dry, so ideally I’ll be able to blog about that very soon!

TdF, yesterday

I failed to blog yesterday. I just didn’t have the time, I was tired all day, managed a bit of wheel plying on the cotton before a mountain bike ride, took a nice spill on my bike, went out to dinner with Mr. Ink, and once home had absolutely no energy for anything. So, this post is about yesterday’s spinning. I am officially a day behind.


Despite a full day, I feel confident I can finish this today. Then I’ll need to start plying the first 4 oz. of the yarn I intend to make a cabled yarn from. My goal this weekend is to at least finish those two things. That should put me in good shape for Monday’s rest day.

TdF Day 11?

And it seems I’ve finished spinning the cotton singles. Very pleased about that!


I feel fairly certain that these will be plied this weekend and I’ll have an actual yarn out of the deal. It may be uneven, since the slubbiness and thickness changed over the time I spent learning how to spin this.

The other thing I’ve been doing lately is gardening. My little garden is starting to produce very nicely, and I am enjoying the fruits of my labor.


I always think it’s terribly fun when I need a basket to bring in the produce.

I don’t know about you, but I am looking forward to the start of the weekend and the opportunity for more hobby time!

Tour de Fleece Day 10

Yesterday’s rest day couldn’t have come at a more opportune time. An unfortunate incident in the middle of the night with a band of neighborhood roving teens, a rock, and my car threw me into a bit of a tizzy, and I really wasn’t in much shape at all to focus on crafting. In the end, I chose a nice fast bicycle ride to alleviate my high stress and anxiety.

However, today, with the car window fixed (never mind the sizable dent) and me in a calmer state of mind, spinning happened in spades.

First up, the cotton. As you can see, I am almost done! And, just at the time I am really getting the hang of it, of course. It is tempting to do more cotton, but I think I am done for now.


This means I’ll need another project for work, so I plan to take in the dervish spindle project.

I also got a good portion through the second two ounces of An Homage to Mr. Fuchsia.


I think I’ll get the chance to ply this bobbin and the first one this weekend, only to set it aside for the second 4 oz. bump. But first things first, I gotta get that cotton plied!