Funky Update

Since I am still fighting with my grandpa cardigan and the latest yarn I purchased for it, I figured that now is a great time to give an update on the funky grandpa cardigan.


I am now into my second 440 yard skein of the main color, and plugging away at it. The pattern suggests 9 stripes from under the arm down, but since I am rather tall in height and long of torso, I suspect 9 won’t actually do. I’ve currently got 8 stripes, and I’ll try it on at 9, but I am pretty sure I’ll have to keep knitting.

As for the grandpa cardigan, I need to do some gauge checking to see if I can go down a needle size since my rowan felted tweed dk is not knitting into a nicer fabric than my last yarn did. Very frustrating!

3 Feet of Sheep

Last year I picked up a Three Feet of Sheep package from Frabjous Fibers. This year I’ve got it in my head to spin some energized singles and try my hand at a collapse weave project. Seemed that the Three Feet of Sheep package could make a rather interesting scarf.

I separated out the colors as I know I will not need 8 oz. of fiber for a collapse weave. I figure I’ll spin a bunch, size them, begin weaving, and if I need more, I can spin more.


I am about halfway through what I set aside for this project. However, it is unnatural for me to spin energized singles so I think I’ll run them back through the wheel once they are done to really give them some proper energy.

The fiber itself is spinning up just beautifully! It’s a darker toned wool dyed over with lovely rich colors, and that is going to make for yarn with a nice depth.

So I Gather Completion

I finally finished the So I Gather shawlette out of Marja’s handspun singles. I think it’s fabulous!

IMG_2660 IMG_2661

The colors are amazing and rich, the yarn has sparkle and depth, the gathers were a ton of fun. Absolutely a winning combination.

I knit on it until I was running out of yarn and couldn’t complete another repeat, so it’s a great use of handspun.

Upcoming, I have 3 Christmas stockings to make in short order, and then I can get back to my grandpa cardigan. The one I didn’t continue because of the yarn being too thin. I got new yarn, it has arrived, and I can get started as soon as my obligation knitting is complete.


I don’t have any crafty photographs to show you today, and quite frankly, showing you my Funky Grandpa cardigan again would be practically pointless because now we are well into the slog down the body of the sweater and it won’t look all that different.

So, instead, I’ve decided to tell you about a conversation I had with Mr. Ink over the weekend. But it requires a little back story.

Now, Mr. Ink is a kind and generous man, but he’s not overly generous with his words. He tends to be very careful with his words, and indecisive about speaking them, and in the end this tends to make him a quiet person. On our first date we were really just trying to get to know each other, and sometimes conversation would lack segue. It was rather that deep discomfort of two introverts attempting to get to know each other in an unfamiliar situation. At some point during the evening he said “I am not that into yarn, you know.” I think my response was something along the lines of “You don’t have to be, as long as you don’t mind that I am.”

A couple months into our relationship, and after hearing him speak to other people very proudly of the things that I create, I decided to ask for clarification. I asked him why, if he’s just not that into yarn, he could speak of it so well, and be eager to listen to what I had going on, and deliberately ask me what projects I had going on. He said “Well, I love what you create, I just don’t want you to put it ON me.” So, we came to a non negotiable agreement. I would not knit for him, and wouldn’t even speak of doing so. This….is not a difficult agreement since I really have little interest in most things that I’d knit for a guy anyhow. And I’ve always got plenty of projects going on, and rarely time to fit much extra knitting into my life.

Last week, he asked for a pompom for the top of a hat that is starting to unravel. I thought that a bit unusual, and while I have not yet made the pompom, I was impressed he’d even remotely think of asking me for something that could be construed as knitting.

And then Saturday rolled around. We headed out to our local bike trail for Global Fat Bike Day. It was a cold day, but not nearly as cold as last year. Mr. Ink has recently realized that the biggest trick to keeping your feet warm is to wear loose shoes. If you’ve got a decent pair of socks and you can easily wiggle your toes, you will generally be warm. We were done with our cold ride, and he was talking about how his feet were cold and he suspected this was because his mountain biking shoes with socks and shoe covers end up being tight. But, that he’d worn heavier wool socks with his sneakers on our last cold ride and had stayed quite warm. I explained how I almost always have warm feet while biking, even when using my summer biking shoes, because I use a nice pair of heavy handknit socks. (Socks that Rock Mediumweight, for the record.) I then said something like “Someday, when you allow it, I’ll make you a pair to see if you like them.” This was completely off the cuff, I didn’t expect a response.

But a response I got. “Oh, I don’t think our agreement really applies to SOCKS….”

“WAIT WHUT DID YOU JUST SAY?!?!” I exclaimed. “Why didn’t you tell me sooner that the agreement didn’t apply to socks?!” He was quiet for a few moments, and then he said “I feared the slippery slope.”

Begging for another day

Our Saturday was so full. So full! I had exactly 2 hours of downtime that entire day, and that is NOT enough for an introvert like me. I NEED my weekend to recuperate so I can conduct myself like a normal person during the week.

Yesterday was Mr. Ink’s mother’s birthday, and he’d hoped we could get together for that as well. Thankfully for me, she didn’t want to leave the house, so I got a day of not leaving MY house. A blissful day.

And, I spent that day just as you might suspect. I did a bunch of around the house chores, and spent the rest of my time knitting. I worked on the Funky Grandpa cardigan, and got it to the point where the top was done to under the armpits. That sounds like a ton of knitting, and it would be with most other cardigans, but with this particular cardigan, there really isn’t a lot of fabric at the top. The deep V neck prevents that.


I have not really spent a lot of time worrying about what color my stripes will be, but so far, most of them are green toned. In the end, I suspect I’ll have a ton of leftover handspun on this one.

I am also weaving in ends on the stripes as I go. It’s a bit too far to carry the yarn, so there are a ton of ends. Best to get them done now.

I could really have used just one more weekend day with this project!

I Lied!

I was all “I am going to do the Grandpa Cardigan, not the Funky Grandpa cardigan!” And then? Well, I thought a bit more about the grandpa cardigan, and how the yarn was knitting up all loosey goosey and annoying, and discussed it with a friend of mine, and came to the conclusion that I would be VERY unhappy to knit an entire cabled cardi just to have loose cables that flop instead of pop.

So, I ordered new yarn for the Grandpa Cardigan, and now I have to wait.

In the meantime, until the yarn arrives, I’ve decided to get a head start on the Funky Grandpa.



It’s just a very little bit of the back. It’s bright and cheery and I have high hopes for it, even though it will be interrupted when the yarn arrives for the Grandpa Cardigan.