Dye Week

I’ve been continuing on with my dye week. I throw some fiber in the dye pot if I’ve got an evening “off.” It’s been an effective way to continue. My current method continues to work well.

First up is 4 oz of BFL. I dyed this on Monday actually, but I didn’t think it had enough color, so I threw it in the dye pot again last evening and added the purple. It’s still going to be on the lighter end of the spectrum when it is done, but I like the addition of the purple quite a bit.


And then I tried another. This one turned out far better than I could even imagine. I absolutely LOVE it. All the colors here, and the combination of them, totally trip my trigger. Plus, perfecting my method has added to my happiness with the fiber overall.


I plan to continue this trend since it seems to be working so well. And I keep having ideas. So, that’s refreshing!



Dye Day turns into Dye Week

Having realized I had more fiber than I thought, dye day continued. On Monday evening, I dyed two braids of BFL wool. One does not please me yet, it needs an additional color. So back in the dye pot it goes tonight. However, the other turned out fabulous. It is truly something I would  purchase for myself given the opportunity.


I am not sure what else to say about this, except that I’ve finally found a wool dyeing method that seems to work for me. I think I can continue to tweak it, but I am overall happy with it and appreciate the results. I’ll keep going now, and see what else I can come up with.


Tunic Progress

Sunday morning, before dye day, I finally finished the back of my tunic. It is HUGE! So large. It will resemble a dress more than a tunic I fear.


There was actually a fair bit more to do at the shoulders than I expected, but because it was a break from the stockinette stitch, and involved short rows, it was a welcome challenge.

The back took just over 4 balls of jojoland melody. I have now started my third ball of yarn for the front of the tunic. So, hopefully I’ll be able to finish the front within a week. I can usually manage to knit about 2 balls of yarn in a week. Then I’ve just got a whole mess of seaming, 2 sleeves, and a collar band to do and I’ll be all set.

Since the yarn for my next tunic arrived this week, the timing seems appropriate!

Dye Day

Yesterday was our annual easter egg, yarn, and fiber dyeing event. I had a few friends over and Miss Bug had a friend over. The weather was spring like, in the sense that there was torrential downpour most of the day. Eventually, even that took a turn for the worse and we ended up with snow.

But, inside the house, it was all spring all the time. Our overall count was 7 skeins of yarn, 2 braids of wool, and 41 eggs dyed. I’d say that’s pretty good for a small group. Oh, and a bunch of silk hankies.

I stuck with solid colors, kettle dyed yarn. It’s my favorite method for producing results I actually want to use. The yarn is a wool/silk blend and I’ve got a lot of it in my stash that I have already dyed. I think this will be great  weaving yarn, if I ever get around to it again.


I also dyed a bunch of silk hankies in similar colors. I wasn’t going for precision, but just wanted to make sure I had the same 4 colors used throughout. These were a lot of fun.


I left my dye supplies out because I’ve got an overwhelming desire to continue, getting some more done. I’ve got quite a bit of undyed fiber hanging around. I think I may just keep at it, it has been a pleasant distraction to the tunic, but doesn’t overwhelm my time.




What I’ve been up to

I know it’s been quite a few days since you’ve heard from me. I think I mentioned that the boxy sweater I am knitting into a tunic has been occupying my obsession and I cannot do any other crafting. That has continued. I am now a couple rows and some shoulder shaping away from finishing the back of the tunic. And as a bonus, I am already more than one ball of yarn into the front. So, my project monogamy is really and truly paying off. I can’t wait to wear this crazy piece!

It occurs to me that I rarely knit baby blankets. And that this is as much knitting as two baby blankets in fingering weight yarn. I do hope it all pays off.


I am calling this cowl extraordinary.


It all started with extraordinary yarns in extraordinary colors. The fuzzy stuff being Shibui silk cloud, a combination of mohair and silk, and the smooth yarn is Sweet Georgia cashsilk, a combination of cashmere and silk. To say this cowl soft is an understatement. It is extraordinarily soft, so soft I don’t want to work with merino directly after working on it.

I knit it for a friend of mine, who was willing to trade knitting for childcare. I call that extraordinary as well.

I knit with laceweight yarn on large needles. Despite this, the cowl took a very long time to finish. It was looking extraordinarily wide, so I decided to end it. Rather than staying wide, it lengthened, making it a very normal narrow size, and extraordinarily long. It wraps comfortably 3 times around the neck, and hangs all the way to my knees when only wrapped once. And I am tall.

It is also extraordinarily light. There’s so much that it is not. So much air. It can easily be worn in the summer, but will also be quite warm in the winter. It would even wrap up around the head quite comfortably.

An extraordinary project that I am extraordinarily pleased to be done with and on to something new. Sorry about the extraordinarily poor pictures. It is spring rain and darkness season, and this heads to its new owner in a half hour.




A New Obsession

As I mentioned yesterday, I have been wanting to knit garments only lately. Garments for me. I began the boxy sweater this week, with the intention to make it tunic length, at least. I am using jojoland melody, a fingering weight superwash wool that mimics the look of handspun. I am currently thrilled with the piece, though I recognize that it may be one of those pieces that if it doesn’t turn out as wonderful as I expect it to, it will be very disappointing.


First, a close of up of the fabric so you can see the current colors.

And, a shot of the very wide back of the piece. I chose to knit this and seam it, rather than knit it in the round, though the pattern gives instructions for both. There were two reasons for this. First, that much knitting in the round might have given me a twitch. Very boring. Second, I was worried that the color changes would get thicker at the sleeves, due to suddenly being worked back and forth, and that would annoy me. Jojoland doesn’t have particularly even color changes anyhow, so it might not matter much. But, in case it did, I wanted to do my best to avoid it.


I am struggling right now to do anything else. No spinning, no knitting on other projects, you can forget weaving. I just want to knit on this tunic. I guess that’s ok, there are no rules.

However, today is a lovely day, and instead of knit all day, it is my plan to ride bike. It may rain the rest of the week, much better for knitting. I must take advantage of today.