More Spinning


Since I had yesterday off for Miss Butterfly’s graduation, and I worked hard to get all my other chores and errands done, I ended up with some extra time to spin. Or, rather, ply.

I finished my next two skeins of yarn, together they are about 185 yards.


And if I put all 4 skeins together, it’s just under 400 yards of lovely coordinating yarn.


The weight is a dk to a worsted, certainly a heavier spin than I generally do, but I really like it! I am hoping to find something that will work very well with this interesting yarn full of color and add ins!

It’s raining again here, which is great for all my plants, and sad for my photos. I’ve got gladiolis coming up all over the place, at different rates, which will be wonderful for long term flower enjoyment. My cannas seem to be doing just fine too. I am enjoying the anticipation of later summer flowers.

Graduation Day

Wow was yesterday ever eventful! We went on our memorial bike ride for a friend we lost early this year. Mr. Ink and I decided to do the mountain bike portion of the ride, since that’s our preference and the weather was fantastic for it. And it’ll rain all this week, rendering the trails unusable again. It was a good ride, many riders, and even some that were slower than me! That was new. Unfortunately though, I took a pretty nasty spill, highly unusual on that trail, and will be paying for that little problem for awhile.

After the ride we went to the lunch, meeting up with the pavement riders. I had brought irises for people to take, since I have so many. I was able to get rid of all my irises, and a woman who I didn’t know even tried to pay me for some. “No no,” I said, “This is a situation where I am ready to pay people to take them off my hands!”

I have today off for Miss Bug’s graduation, after this I’ve got a middle schooler!

I was also able to cast off and block my Haruni shawl last evening, want to see?

I am thrilled with it! The petals are gorgeous, and my yarn looks great. I am very pleased with this one! It was a fun knit too, easier than I imagined it would be. The blocking of it was the hardest bit.

And on to gardening. I promised an after photo of the iris bed we cleaned out. Mr. Ink spent the time tilling that dirt, so it’s all ready to go, except that we want to edge it differently and expand it as well.


As for what we’ll put in there, I’ve no clue yet. But we are already pleased to have pulled out those irises.

And, I’ve been on rose watch for these red roses for quite some time. Last year they didn’t do well at all, I got about 3 blooms all summer long and that was it. I’ve got 3 blooms already and more on their way this year!

I look forward to seeing this rose come into it’s own.

And, that’s my weekend report! It was another very good one, extremely productive and outdoor oriented, just how we like them around here!


Sunday Spinday

This morning we head out earlier than usual for a bike ride. It’s the birthday of a cycling friend we lost in January, and a memorial ride has been organized. I am really looking forward to the ride, the community gathering, and honoring one who meant so much to us in a way he’d appreciate.

So, I doubt a lot of crafting will be done today, instead I’ll show off the bits of spinning I got done yesterday in between all the gardening. I started with the 3rd of the batts I spun last weekend.


This one is by far the darkest batt. Look at all that fun add in goodness! I kept at it, and pretty soon was also able to get halfway through the lightest batt.


I should have a completed project in the next few days, if I just stick with it.

I also plied up my yellow singles, because I just didn’t want that many singles left over from a project. I figured plying would give the yarn more life in my stash. I ended up with 140 yards of a 2 ply yarn.


I almost like it better as a 2 ply!

In gardening news, my yellow mini roses are now in a container, rather than inside.


We didn’t do much with containers last year, so it’s been fun putting some together this year.

And, I do believe I promised a picture of a large rock I found in the iris bed. It was obviously placed there as a decorative piece, but left so long that the irises just grew over it completely.


It’s very large, larger than my head, and it is sparkly. And it clearly needs a wash.

Mr. Ink tilled up all the dirt in the former iris bed yesterday and cleaned up my mess. (As well as grading a rather wet area of the yard and then laying a bunch of sod, and helping me fix the wooden garden edgers in the final iris bed that were navigating quite far from their intended places.)

Yesterday was a very at home day, but it was also a very productive and beautiful day! I appreciated it so much. Having a home that I truly love goes makes weekends particularly special.

Simply Gardening

I’ve been knitting too, I promise! But the longest rows of my haruni shawl are just not very interesting to photograph right now. However, once it’s done, it’ll be fun to show off. Until then, it’s gardening.

Mr. Ink and I decided today that we wanted to change up one of our flower beds. I’ve got tons and tons of irises, all of the same color. We decided to remove one iris bed, with the anticipation of expanding that bed, putting nice edgers in, and then planting other plants more our style in it. I think it’s likely that this iris bed has been around for 30-40 years, and it was madly overgrown. I had pulled out quite a few irises last weekend, but you wouldn’t know it when I started yanking in earnest.

Naturally, I forgot before photos, so these’ll have to do.

I kept pulling up one iris, only to come up with these immense root systems. Example:


Once all the living irises were out, I raked the entire bed out, and uncovered another layer of dead and rotting rhizomes underneath.  And a large flat rock, which I will take pictures of another time.

This afternoon, I intend to remove the one burgundy iris from my vegetable garden, and put it into the iris bed I am not touching. Then perhaps, in the future, I’ll just get in the habit of looking for and adding different iris colors in the one iris bed. That could be a fun project.

Miss Butterfly got a new hairdo! That’s our other news. Her father set up an appointment with someone he knows, getting her a very good and needed trim, and then they added a little color. She’s madly pleased with it!

And I think it looks pretty cute too! Since the start of show choir, she’s been really into trying to do her own hair. She’ll get out her curling wand, and does a good job on that all on her own, but has only just discovered my straightener, and is quite interested in that as well. All signs of tweeniness if you ask me!

And I can’t possibly leave you without a picture of our latest vase. Miss Butterfly decided that she wanted to also add in the flowers from my ferns, so it’s not just peonies this time!


We are so fortunate to have so much color in our lives!

Drawing to a close

We are drawing to the close of our school year around here, Miss Butterfly only has a few days left, and I am not sure any of those days are of any actual scholastic importance at this point.

Meanwhile, we are going through all the transitions the end of the school year brings for a tween, and the anticipation of a new routine until next year (and middle school!) begins. Right now, she’s desperately trying to finish up a book her teacher loaned her that she’s loving, but knows she needs to finish in just a few days.

She’s reading everywhere, and sometimes makes faces when I try to take photos. There should be a website somewhere that just posts photos of children reading, it’s basically one of my favorite things.

I’ve had a busy week too, awards nights and bike rides and social engagements. Not a lot of time for the knitting, but I’ve made progress on my Quadri. I am really enjoying this scarf. It’s pretty basic knitting, the yarn is gorgeous, and it’s a comfort knit.


I really look forward to seeing it blocked! But, it’s slow going.

Even slower going is my haruni shawl now. I average about 2 rows a day on it at the moment. Lots of stitches on the needles, lots of careful pattern reading. It’ll be stunning when it’s done, but it’s on the tedious side right now. And all scrunched up on needles, so not really in a place where I can manage to show it off.

In the gardening world, not much new to report. I’ll be heading to my favorite plant shop tonight to pick up a few things, but we are basically at the end of the first brilliant garden moments, and we’ll have to wait for the next surge. It’s a matter of taking care now.

Have a happy rest of your week!

The Results

I plied up the singles from yesterday’s post, and they are washed and dried! I got an opportunity to photograph them this morning.


These two colors actually look nicer together than I imagined they would! It’s a total of 212 yards of dk to worsted weight yarn. Very pretty stuff! I can’t wait to see how the other two batts turn out!

Just this short update from me, it’s been crazy busy around here and also rainy, so I can’t even entertain with pictures of flowers!

Spinday is BACK Baby!


Yep, I finished those singles yesterday. Two out of the 4 colors, and all that remains is plying. I didn’t spend a ton of time spinning, but these batts, and the slightly thicker singles, went pretty quickly.

And in the garden? I’ve got my first roses blooming on our front hill.


And my purple iris bed is looking JUST amazing.


It was a colorful day in my garden! I really spent a ridiculous amount of time pulling an invasive weed out by the roots on our front hill this weekend. It’s tedious work, but Mr. Ink suggested to just use weed killer on the entire area, which would kill the plants too. I don’t like that option, so I’ll take the tedious option. If I keep at it, a little each day, I’ll probably be victorious. At least, my experience with the henbit in my ferns tells me that’ll be the case.

It’s shaping up to be a busy week around here! Hope your week goes very well!