My September socks are late as has become my habit. Once you get behind, it’s tough to catch up! But, I did finish the first sock.


Looks pretty cool! I love it. I love the colors chosen, and I love the interesting patterning. I’ve started sock #2, and I hope it zips along just as nicely as this one did.


We are hosting a stop on a bike ride this evening, so my Monday evening was spent cleaning up the house. It was actually extremely pleasant, as Miss Bug is off to her outdoor education for 2 overnights, so she cannot follow along behind me and mess everything back up. Now, cleaning is basically my Favorite Thing in the new house. I find it endlessly blissful to clean a home that is my own and make it shine and sparkle. So it was an evening well spent. And while it is a favorite past time, it isn’t really blog worthy. Sorry! On the other hand, a clean home makes me more at ease, which in turn makes me feel more creative, so there’s that.

I did get an opportunity to wind the yarn for my next weaving project and get it on the warping board. That was quite pleasant as well. I used to find warping so tedious, but I think what made the difference for me was a good amount of space in the new home, and a comfortable place to put the board where I can sit and enjoy the process.


It was quite late when I got this done, so I must apologize for the not so wonderful photo. However, the tones are hot pink and gold, and I am sure there’s silk in there for the way the yarn shines nicely. It is, again, Marja’s handspun. This time I intend to pair it with commercial silk yarn as the weft. I think it’ll be quite lovely. But, as tonight is bike ride night, I doubt I’ll get to it until at least Wednesday.

A Full Weekend

I love a full but relaxing weekend so much! And that’s exactly what I got this weekend.

I finished a few things! First up, I finished my spinning project. I’d had leftover 3 feet of sheep fiber from my collapse weave scarf. I was sick of blocks of colors, so I decided to blend the colors together as I was spinning. This gave it an interesting overall look, with colors flowing into the next.

I ended up with 305 yards of worsted weight yarn, chain plied.


This was fun to chain ply as I’d already forgotten what colors were under the top colors.

As soon as the spinning project was done and washed, I went into the loom room and decided to stay there until my latest weaving project was done. Got that off the loom, washed, and out to dry.


The handspun warp on this one is Marja’s handspun, and the weft is mine, from a fleece I processed awhile back. I really like how it turned out, the random and long colors of the warp really feature all the color gifts handspun has to offer!

As soon as that was done, Mr. Ink and I took my new to me bike out for a dirt ride. You see, I’ve been borrowing this bike for awhile. It’s a MUCH better mountain bike than the one I was riding. But, since it was a friends bike, I didn’t get it all dialed in for my body. It is now my bike, as she has given up riding dirt. So, Mr. Ink and I worked on the suspension, adjusted the brakes, moved the handlebars, the grips, the shifting, etc. This meant that we did a lot of starting and stopping, as we would stop, I’d tell him what I wanted to do next, and he’d pull out his tools and make it happen.


The one thing in particular left to do is to get some better tires. But, it’s a fun bike to ride! 29 inch wheels, and a lot lighter than what I had before. (What I had before will be set up for winter riding, then go to Miss Bug in the spring, since she’s horrifyingly close to being tall enough to ride it.)

I love these three pictures in one post, because it really sums up who I am. (I suppose knitting and motorbikes need to be pictured as well.) It’s nice to have a weekend where I get to enjoy¬†almost everything I love the most.

Just Keep Spinnin

Spinning heavy weekend on this blog! I kept spinning on my 3 feet of sheep. I just wanted to get done!

I woke up quite early on Saturday morning in order to spend some time with my wheel and to enjoy the quiet of the house alone.


I started about here, you can see blue paired with yellow, then when the yellow ran out, paired with hot pink.


In the end I ran out of blue and the hot pink ended up being the final color as a solid. But, it doesn’t look that solid since it also had some great tones, and the silk looks very different than the wool.

It’s my intention to chain ply this, but I am going to give it a day to rest I think. It’s a very full bobbin, and I just don’t want to be fighting with the singles.

I have a lot of knitting planned for the upcoming weeks. I keep postponing sweaters and so on for smaller projects, but there’s a new sweater in particular I am eager to get going on!

Plugging Away

I keep plugging away at my 3 feet of sheep spinning project. Often I am just working on it a little bit at a time, but on Wednesday I had the opportunity to have a few friends over to do some spinning with me. First opportunity in about 4 months. It’s been busy!


Last time I took a photo it was very red heavy, red and yellow in particular. Now it’s green and blue heavy. At the top of the photo you can see two green tones paired together, and now I am well into blue tones paired together.

When I look at it logically, I realize that I don’t actually have all that much left to do. There’s very little left in the large metal bowl I dumped all the fiber into, so I really am closing in on the end of this project. However, most of the time I keep thinking of Dory from Finding Nemo, and I repeat to myself “Just keep spinning, just keep spinning.”

August Socks

It’s about time I posted these. I finally got Miss Bug to put them on. She decided that she should get to put her feet up for the photo like I used to at the old house, so she facilitated a space for that.


She’s in that tween space where her feet are very long, actually adult sized feet now, but not wide enough to wear adult sized shoes. I left a little bit of room for growth in the toes as she’s not done growing yet!

For these, I did a short row heel. I then tried a short row toe and kitchenered over the top of the foot, but she HATED the way that felt on her foot. So, I did the second sock with a round toe. Once that received her approval, I cut the toe of the other sock off, and added a round toe to it.

The yarn was artyarns ultramerino 4. I got it in a trade MANY moons ago. It was very thin, and not overly exciting to work with. But, since her little legs are thin, I could do an adult sized sock on tiny needles and have a sock that fits her properly.

My Tuesday Evening

I mentioned to Mr. Ink early on that I intended for Tuesday evening to be a relaxing evening full of tidying the house (Yes, that’s relaxing) and crafting for me. He decided that he would like to make a nice dinner and kill weeds in the yard.

So, after quite a bit of tidying, most of it happening before Mr. Ink even came home, I got to work on a warp I am trying for my next weaving project. The warp is handspun from Miss Marja, and it’s quite lovely. Then I pulled out some of my own handspun 2 ply from a fleece I processed to use as a weft.

Well, the warping didn’t go so well. I need to remember to check before I start winding everything on to make sure I’ve got my warp correct. It wasn’t. It wasn’t correct repeatedly. I thought I’d gotten it, but I hadn’t.

Then, I got the thing wound on, only to realize I’d lost a warp thread (it decided it wasn’t strong enough for the weaving journey) and so I had to untie and move everything over yet again. I think at that point I wanted to give up. But, I also wanted to weave. So I took a break for Mr. Ink’s dinner.

One way I know the season is changing is that Mr. Ink starts making my favorite food. Homemade French Onion Soup. It’s really truly wonderful and if we could make it once a week, we probably would.


He’s such a good cook, and he also cooks so willingly. Sometimes I’ll allude to the fact that I should probably cook more often, and his response is “I don’t want you to HAVE to cook. You already do so much around here, you should not have to cook too.”

Though, once he starts adding herbs to the pot of soup, I generally jump in and add some more. :)

Thus fortified, I was able to finish warping the loom, and even got a tiny bit of weaving done. Here’s a preview of what this project will look like.


It’s so pretty, and I love the warm and cool colors playing together in the warp. So nice!